Nuk Flexible Freezer Tray & Lid 14014886

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Brand : Nuk
Model : 14014886
SKU : 14014886
Shipping LxWxH : 6.1417 in x 6.063 in x 2.4409 in
Price : $7.49
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Product Features

Nuk 14014886 Flexible Freezer Tray & Lid

Feed your baby healthy, homemade foods at a moment’s notice with this freezer tray from Nuk. Part of the Fresh Foods collection, it is specially designed to freeze and store perfect portions of your baby’s favorite foods. Made from silicone, this lidded freezer tray makes it easy to pop out individual portions.

Product Image

Product Name : Nuk Flexible Freezer Tray & Lid
Product Group : Kitchen Appliance Accessories
Product Sub-Group#1 : Freezer Accessories,Baby
Product Sub-Group#2 : Baby Bottles and Feeding
Product Categories : Baby Feeding Accessories
Price : 7.49
Product Model : Nuk 14014886

Product Information

Nuk Flexible Freezer Tray & Lid 14014886 14014886

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