Java Concepts Deluxe Individual Pour Over, Black 52522258

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Brand : Java Concepts
Model : 52522258
SKU : 52522258
Color : Black
Shipping LxWxH : 6.0 in x 4.4 in x 4.4 in
Price : $8.69
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Product Features

Java Concepts 52522258 Deluxe Individual Pour Over, Black

Relax and enjoy a better cup of coffee, you deserve it! Coffee brewed in the Java Concepts Pour-over brings out the best flavor and aroma the beans can offer, and can be brewed to any strength by simply adjusting the amount of grounds used. Compact design works with Keurig and iCoffee brewers or use a tea kettle for your hot water source and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea in minutes. Dishwasher safe. Color: Black.

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Product Name : Java Concepts Deluxe Individual Pour Over, Black
Product Group : Kitchen Appliances
Product Sub-Group#1 : Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines
Product Sub-Group#2 : Food Preparation Appliances
Product Categories : Appliance Parts and Accessories
Price : 8.69
Product Model : Java Concepts 52522258

Product Information

Java Concepts Deluxe Individual Pour Over, Black 52522258 52522258

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