Black 19-qt. 3-pc. Steamer Set 10007007

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Brand : Granite Ware
Model : 10007007
SKU : 10007007
Color : Black
Shipping LxWxH : 14.8 in x 15.0 in x 13.8 in
Price : $54.99
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Product Features

Granite Ware 10007007 Black 19-qt. 3-pc. Steamer Set

This large capacity Clam and Lobster Steamer Pot with attractive lobster decal includes two-tier steamer vessels and a faucet. It’s ideal for steaming or boiling. It’s safe for outdoor cooking or use on a traditional electric or gas stove top. The porcelain enamel over steel construction helps to retain heat and is easy to clean. Its thick bottom allows even heat distribution. Not recommended for glass cooktops. Color: Black.

Product Image

Product Name : Black 19-qt. 3-pc. Steamer Set
Product Group : Kitchen Appliances
Product Sub-Group#1 : Food Cookers & Steamers
Product Sub-Group#2 : Cookware And Bakeware
Product Categories : Bakeware and Cookware
Price : 54.99
Product Model : Granite Ware 10007007

Product Information

Black 19-qt. 3-pc. Steamer Set 10007007 10007007

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