Stok Gridiron Portable Gas Grill, Orange 14007255

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Brand : Stok Grills
Model : 14007255
SKU : 14007255
Color : Orange
Shipping LxWxH : 42.75 in x 20.0 in x 14.5 in
Price : $152
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Product Features

Stok Grills 14007255 Stok Gridiron Portable Gas Grill, Orange

The Gridiron Portable Gas Grill from SToK is ideal for the grill master on the go. It’s fairly lightweight at less than 60 pounds, and is totally mobile thanks to its collapsible frame and wheels. Getting started takes no time at all, thanks to the electric start igniter, and the built-in temperature gauge means you’ll always know the perfect moment to flip the steaks. Color: Orange.

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Product Name : Stok Gridiron Portable Gas Grill, Orange
Product Group : Kitchen Appliances
Product Sub-Group#1 : Outdoor Grills,Patio & Outdoor Decor
Product Sub-Group#2 : Grills & Smokers and Fryers
Product Categories : Gas Grills
Price : 152
Product Model : Stok Grills 14007255

Product Information

Stok Gridiron Portable Gas Grill, Orange 14007255 14007255

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